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There are many cute hairstyles for medium hair which can change your look and which make other to turn towards you. Medium length hairs are very popular because they lie somewhere in between short and long hairs.

There are many cute hairstyles for medium hair and among those hairstyles updos are best. You can wear updo hairstyle both formally and casually. Best thing about this hairstyle is that your bangs remain away from your eyes. If you want to make this updo hairstyle then all you need is curling iron, comb or brush, hairspray, lots of bobby pins, small hair tie or rubber band, some ribbon or head band.

Here are following eight steps by which you can make your updo hairstyle. First of you have to curl your hairs. Section off your bangs and then tease your hairs to make a poof and use bobby pins so that you can tie your bangs on either side of the poof.
medium hairstyles- medium haircuts
Then take small portion of hairs at crown of your head and make ponytail of it. Divide your ponytail in to three or four sections and hold them straight and then make curls. In fifth step, you have take section of hairs from the sides and twist them towards your curls. You must put this twist close to your ponytail.
medium hairstyles- medium haircuts
Take sections of hairs from bottom and pin them near your curls. All your sections should remain close to your ponytails and at last use hair spray to add shine and give a finishing touch to your hairstyle.
medium hairstyles- medium haircuts

Among other cute hairstyles for medium hair, bob style is very popular. Bob haircuts has hairs of all lengths from chin length to shoulders. There are many types of bob like inverted bob style, asymmetrical bob style, classy bob style and sleek bob style. All these types are included in the ambit of modern bob style.
medium hairstyles- medium haircuts
So you can try anyone of them if you want to get a trendy hairstyle. Layered hairstyle is another suitable style for medium length hairs. If you have thin and fine hairs then layered hairstyle is best for you as it gives weight to the hairs.
medium hairstyles- medium haircuts
You can color different strands of hairs as highlighting is in fashion this year. There are many ways of layered medium hairstyles as its length ranges from total length of the hairs to as short as above your chin.

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