Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bob hairstyles

The bob hairstyles are the most demanding hair styles of the year 2012. The trend of this hair style has no danger of going off as many celebrities use this hair style. The chin length bob is eye catching bob hair style.

There are further two types of bob hairstyles as the long bob and the demi-bob. According to history, the bob hair style was introduced in First World War when there was no time to set the curls and locks. The neck line has a nice look in bob hair style. Click short haircuts 2012

For the round face the long bob haircuts works very well. Besides this the thin and medium hair is also best for this hair style. The straight hair is best for this style. The round bob and the A-line bob are the nice hair styles.
Bob hairstyles- bob haircuts
This is the youthful edgy bob. The A-line bob is also known as the graduated bob. So, there are many kinds of bobs. The messy bob is also the super trendy bob of the year 2012. To get this hair style is no difficult task. The girls only have to dry the hair after wash without combing.
Bob hairstyles- bob haircuts
The back layers of the bob can be given the form of curls while the front hair is left straight. Many girls love to add bang and fringe in this hair style. All kinds of hair are useful for this hair style. In straight hair bob style, the hair can be dyed.
Bob hairstyles- bob haircuts
So, the colors have a good contrast in bob hair style. The silky straight can be cut in this hair style. The front bang can be set in center or side. This hair cut can be set in loose and not in straight look.
Bob hairstyles- bob haircuts
For example, the women and girls can adjust the bang in side swept way and the back and front hair is set also in side swept way. This hair style is made with loose texture. The crown area can be back combed to get a volume hair style.
Bob hairstyles- bob haircuts
To dry the hair naturally for some days after wash, it thing creates a wavy and natural kind of bob hair style which is liked by every one. In fact all ages of women and girls love to have bob hair styles. It is also the celebrity hair style which catches the eyes of the other girls and boys.

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