Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

About bang, a famous thing is said that bangs add freshness and life in dull and boring hair styles. This statement is true to some extent. Bangs are responsible of adding life in hair styles and hair cuts. With all kinds of long, medium and short hair styles, hair bangs are used.

First these were celebrities who use bangs then this trend becomes popular. Bangs have pair with bob hair styles. So, it can be said that bang was introduced during First World War when bob hair cuts were introduced. There are many kinds of bangs which are used now a day.

First blunt bang was used and it was famous. This kind of bang is still popular. With all long hair cuts and medium hair cuts, blunt bangs are used. Blunt bangs are cut just above eyes. This bang enhances beauty of eyes.
long hairstyles- long haircuts
Further this kind of bang is used on oval, round and heart shape faces. This bang does bot suit on square shape face. So, for bang lover and for those people who have square faces, side bags are introduced. Side bang is very stylish. This hair bang is also used with all kinds of hair cuts and homecoming hairstyles 2012.
long hairstyles- long haircuts
Usually, girls love to use side bangs with side braids and side ponytails.  In straight hair, both kinds of bangs are used. With straight hair, some girls make braided bang which hang over forehead. In this hair style, back hair is curled in light and soft curls while front hair is used to knit tiny braids.
long hairstyles- long haircuts
These tiny braids are crossed around forehead in the form of bang. This hair style is liked almost by every girls and women. Usually teen age girls use this hair style. Hairstyles vary according to age and personal choices.
long hairstyles- long haircuts
Some women and girls who have wavy hair like to cut hair in long bob hairstyles 2012. Graduated bob hair style is also used with bang but this hair style is made in straight hair.  So, hairstyles for long hair with bangs depend upon hair textures and personal choices.
long hairstyles- long haircuts
It is true that hairstyles for long hair with bangs are highly demanding in this modern age. Every school going and every working woman loves to try such hair styles with bangs. Hair styles are ruling agent in the world of fashion and bangs add life in hair styles. Now asymmetric bang is also a popular bang.

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